BLD aka Big Lion Dream (solo artist) that reached over 11 million page views on Reverb Nation and still pushing his career to the next level, started in Yaoundé, Cameroon.
Born in Yaoundé, BLD possesses the talent and musical passion to turn heads in the entertainment/music industry with his charisma, astounding studio resume, and his street credibility all obtained at such a young age of 14 participating in street battles.
Influenced by rappers like Tupac Shakur, Das Efx, Ice Cube and more, he quickly wanted to be just like these artists representing their cities.

Unfortunately things weren’t going well so in 2004 BLD left Cameroon to settle in Brussels, Belgium.
A few years later he moved back to his passion and decided to independently do his music with the release of his first album titled S.O.L.O. meaning 'alone'
Another nickname given by friends that he met during his stay in Europe.
Because he used to do things by himself even when people try to assist him.
Sometime funny but really serious, BLD is the type of guy that work hard to make a dream come to reality.
You might not know him in person but when you see what his does to get the job done, you would not compare this talented artist with what is out there now.
In Central Africa, a child was born with a mission in his mind that only him and the creator knew why he was sent on earth for.
'' No man can't stop you and as long as you keep walking on the right path, I will always have my hands on you"
Even his mother was worried about her child of what was happening to him at a young age.
After making it in Europe, BLD grew up a lot to the point of becoming the next biggest music artist and producer.
He's into every kind of domain you would'nt imaging rapper, beat making, web designer, videographer, Youtube contains creator, promotion agency.
Artists are trying to work with him now to see how they can benefit from doing it themselve too and not falling victims of the music industry.
Guess that is a part of the mission coming to life when people start to realise that things can be done differently and not the way the industry is selling.
Most of BLD’s songs are about struggling, hardship in the African community in Europe and other social problems.

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